Hard N’ Heavy 2020 Important Info!

Hard N’ Heavy festival released the following statement regarding this year festival:

Due to Corona all concerts had to be canceled. Mortician is currently in contact with the district council of the community and the football club.
We will develop a COVID concept so that we can carry out our Hard n Heavy Festival.
But since we have to keep the 1 meter distance, the concert will take place as an open air. The number of spectators is also limited to 300. We have to cut back on the line up. There will be 5 bands. Bullet will unfortunately not be able to perform. We will give you details about the new line up etc. shortly. We also hope for your support so that at least one metal festival can take place.

Metal is forever!

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  • Upcoming Shows

    • 22.08.20 Mortician in Hard And Heavy Fest, Fussballplatz , Satteins, Austria
    • 12.09.20 Mortician in Landeck , Altes Kino
    • 27.11.20 Mortician in Dornbirn , Schlachthaus